I hope everyone is doing well and surviving the Corona Virus, stay safe and share Toilet Paper with those in need!

Hopefully in the midst of everything you can get some encouragement out of this week’s Why Can’t You podcast guest, Adam Kipnes. Adam is a coach, author and host of the Entrepreneur’s MBA podcast. What I love about Adam is his simplicity and how easily and clearly he spells out things we can all do immediately to grow our business.   Adam has a lot of wisdom from having traveled many different roads in business and in life and I know you will get as much out of this podcast as I did.  We also have a lot of laughs and I am grateful to have him on as a guest.

Here is the free book that we mentioned on air: https://www.freebookfromadam.com/strategy_guide

His Podcast, https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/what-is-an-entrepreneur-adam-kipnes-the-entrepreneurs-mba-podcast/

Thanks to Ines Piquet, from https://www.inespiquet.com/for being such a great sponsor of Why Can’t You?

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