Not every coach, manager or owner is fortunate enough to have someone like Mark Messier on their team.  Messier wasn’t always a six-time Stanley Cup Winner, but he always knew what he wanted and he always knew no one person is bigger than the machine.

The day after the New York Rangers received their Stanley Cup Rings.

The next day, Messier summoned his teammates into a room at the Rangers’ practice rink. Once the door slammed shut, the players talked quietly before breaking into a loud chant of “Benny! Benny! Benny!”  Then Benny Petrizzi an eighty one-year-old man from Harrison, New York, who worked at the practice facility, was given his Stanley Cup Ring.  Petrizzi broke into tears.  Messier cried, too.

“I don’t think Mark was ready for Benny’s reaction.” Leetch said.

“I loved it,” said Petrizzi who considered the players his sons.  “I didn’t want to cry, but I’ve waited for this for seventeen years.  I can’t wait to get home and show my wife.”

Petrizzi did the team’s laundry, shined the player’s shoes, and carried out other errands for the Rangers.  Although all of the Rangers’ support employees received rings that day, none were prouder than Petrizzi, an Italian immigrant who had settled in Rye in 1926, and worked at Rye Playland, the Ranger’s practice rink, before joining the Ranger’s in the early 1980’s.  Messier left the room with tears running down his cheeks.

Do you view everybody in your office as having the same value as Benny Petrizzi?




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