Hollywood Legend, Bill Duke, is my Why Can’t You? podcast guest this today!  Bill’s story is truly a Why Can’t You? story.  He rose to prominence with a great role opposite Richard Gere in American Gigolo.  He also had amazing roles opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in both Commando and Predator.  Bill’s star also rose as an A-List director helming such films as Deep Cover with Laurence Fishburne and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit with Whoopi Goldberg.  Most recently he worked with Steven Soderbergh in High Flying Bird. 

 What really drew me to Bill was his Foundation, the Duke Media Foundation.  The Duke Media Foundation places an emphasis on financial literacy and advocacy as well as the Media Arts.  They are helping a lot of kids by staying focused on these two disciplines and educating them in these areas!

 The sound quality is not my finest in this one so I apologize but please stay with it the interview is well worth it!


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