I had the pleasure of hearing,Bob Burg,speak a few months ago and am happy to have him as a guest on Why Can’t You?  Bob is awesome on stage if you get the chance you should go hear him speak.  He rolls with any punches that are thrown at him.  Bob is the coauthor of the Bestselling, Go-Giver book and the host of the Go-Giver podcast. In this episode we not only talk about the principles behind the book but Bob’s own personal journey as well.  He is an amazing man and I am grateful to have him on Why Can’t You?  

You can find out more about Bob at: https://burg.com/ and The GoGiver at: https://thegogiver.com/

Thanks as always to my amazing sponsor, Ines Piquet, from Ines Piquet Images : https://www.inespiquet.com/ or call her at (480) 744-6338

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