When Ken Adamsand I met Carole Zingula at one of our Phoenix Speaking Academy Events we had no idea of the story that she wished to develop the voice to tell. A Year later I am hosting her a as guest on my Why Can’t You? podcast on Friday to talk about her book: Surviving Online Dating Fraud: How I recovered and the lessons I learned. Carole tells an amazingly powerful story about her personal journey recovering from online dating fraud, as well as the specific precautions anyone should take before dating online. Having lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, Carole courageously shares how her lack of self-love, her loneliness, and her not knowing the “red flags” that signaled fraud, all set her up as easy bait for con artists. However, her story also demonstrates how criminals can (and do) scam anyone. Using meditation, hypnotism, and drawing on her deep spiritual faith, Carole’s journey demonstrates how she recovered from her own shame, guilt, and loss of self-esteem, while also providing valuable information about how to protect yourself from fraud. 

Carole I can’t thank you again for sharing your amazing story with my listeners!


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