Wow, what a volleyball match last night between the USA and Brazil.  I don’t believe in jinxes or anything like that but I don’t think Kerri- Walsh Jennings wasn’t helped by the NBC Press coverage of her quest for Gold.   Multiple times through her matches and including last night they were saying where she would be in the pantheon of female Olympians if she won her 4th Olympic Gold medal.  They seemed to be anointing her the winner without remembering the game is played in the sand and not in sound bites or on paper.

Kerri looked like a deer in the headlights as they started getting out-played in the first set and early on in the second set.  If my Olympic memory is correct I don’t she’s ever had to really play from behind and has always been a front runner in her Olympic matches.  I think every athlete should come in with the attitude they are going to win the Gold, I appreciate that mindset.  On the flip side of the coin I believe athletes have to prepare for every scenario that can be thrown at them and it just didn’t seem like Kerri was ready for the energy and the raucous crowd at Copacabana beach.  My hat is off to her I always think she is a great sport and I love it when she goes and shakes everyone’s hand.  My hat is off the Brazilians as well they brought their A-game and looked fearless.

There was a great interview with Shaun White and Bob Costas the other night.  Shaun was very reflective on not winning the gold in the last Winter Olympics.  I was surprised by his honesty that he said it was probably the best thing that ever happened to him.  I hope in the not too distant future Kerri will be able to look at her Rio experience in the same way.

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