A lot has happened since I had Dr. Ivan Misner on earlier this year.  Ivan and I had spoke on previous episodes about preparing for disruption, obviously we didn’t know how that disruption would come.  In this podcast we discuss and take a deep dive into how BNI has been able to successfully pivot and help their members to grow and thrive during this time.  The lessons are not specific to BNI so if you are having trouble transitioning or pivoting your business through this time this is a great podcast for you.

Dr. Misner is my only four time guest and he is the founder of BNI and a New York Times Bestselling Author.

He has so much great content on his web site which I encourage you to check out at: https://ivanmisner.com/

Thanks to, Ines Piquet, at Ines Piquet Images for being the exclusive sponsor of Why Can’t You?  If you need some great portraits, headshots or branding photography please visit her website at: https://www.inespiquet.com/

If you like this podcast with Ivan please listen to the other podcasts I have done with him as well.



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