Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a great week and my heart goes out to anyone hurting, suffering and or scared during this time.  If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.  We will come out of this and I hope everyone can be stronger and more encouraged when we do.

This week I am thrilled to have, Dr. Ivan Misner on Why Can’t You?  Ivan is my only three time guest on Why Can’t You?  He is the founder of BNI and a New York Times Bestselling Author.  In this podcast we talk about Ivan’s recent trip to Necker Island and how to leveling up your networking game.   We also discuss the origin of the BNI Foundation and what it means to Ivan and his wife.  Please listen in as we discuss how important networking is and Ivan’s plans for the future.  

Keep abreast of Ivan at https://ivanmisner.com/

Thanks to Ines Piquet from Ines Piquet Images for being the sponsor of Why Can’t You?  You can see he beautiful images and schedule a zoom consultation through her web site: https://www.inespiquet.com/

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and my first one with him as well: https://davidbryson7.com/dr-ivan-misner-new-york-times-bestselling-author-and-founder-of-bni-is-my-why-cant-you-podcast-guest-this-week/


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