My heart goes out to everyone during this time, if there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

I know we all deal with stress differently and the majority of us have not dealt with anything like this before, my friend, Avril Jones MEC Branding Maverick Marketing Strategist Podcaster, suggested I have a wellness Doctor on who could speak about how to remain mentally healthy during the day’s, week’s and months ahead. I am pleased to have, Randall Wright, MD as my Why Can’t You? podcast guest this week. Dr. Wright is the Director of the Brain Wellness Program at Houston Methodist Hospital. Dr. Wright is an author and the recipient of numerous awards. It was a pleasure to interview him and get some great takeaways about how we can maintain great mental health in these turbulent times.

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Tips from Dr. Wright for maintaining good Mental Health!


The brain is hardwired to respond to a threatening situation through “fight or flight”, when it
perceives we are being threatened. The messages the brain receives tell it how to respond, so
when we go to the grocery store and see empty shelves our brain perceives danger( or a threat)
and our ability to reason becomes less effective, so we snap into a response mode, to protect
ourselves ( fight or flight) and begin to think less critically.

We all will need to visit stores ,that’s a given. Remember this… Decrease Anxiety wherever
possible then

1. Have a plan- Make an assessment before you go of true needs and make a list ( guys check
with your spouse because it’s probably already been bought)

2. Minimize risk of exposure- Nat’l CDC suggests DO NOT participate in gatherings over 50
and practice rules of Social Distancing by exercising 6 feet between people ( so if there is a line
out the door-leave and go elsewhere,shop at another time or go home!)

3.Retarget and Reassess once inside- If you can not find everything on the list get what is a
priority and available, then leave ( the idea is to not risk exposure and continue practicing social
distancing).Remember this is not an ACUTE EVENT,meaning we are not on a discrete time
frame,such as during a hurricane or tornado evacuation .Continue practicing social distancing.

4.Minimize time of exposure – Keep clear goals of what you need and refer to your plan using
the list you created ahead of time. This refocuses your brain’s response to the seemingly
chaotic messaging from witnessing empty shelves of things such as water ( the brain is
saying”hmmmm…there is no shortage of water but it’s all being bought up Maybe I need some

5.Avoid Exposure if possible – Perishables may still need to be purchased in person, or
perhaps prescriptions however whenever possible order online for take-out,curbside,and home
delivery( especially for seniors or high risk candidates).Set up guidelines and have a designated
area for deliveries to be dropped ,without any contact
( Dominoes has now set this up as an online option when ordering)

“Having a plan can help calm the messages to your brain ,reduce the stress and allow each of us to
operate in a more effective manner ,rather than subjecting ourselves to potentially dangerous mass

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