I went to IU, I love IU.  Living across the country I try as hard as possible to follow IU anything.  As a proud alumni I am asking IU to fight for the right thing.  Let’s fight for the health of our student athletes that we love to watch.

When I read the stories about Kevin Wilson’s alleged mistreatment of IU Football players I was literally almost sick to my stomach.  I would have liked to have thought IU purged those type of shenanigan’s after the Bob Knight era.  I am also not naïve enough to think that this isn’t football and like any sport or business everyone is trying to get the most they can out of what they have in front of them.  Often times in life we do need to suck it up and play through pain.  I get it.

I was at IU for the “glory days” of IU football in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Two Peach Bowl and one Liberty Bowl appearance in 4 years isn’t bad at all.  We even won one of them.  I long to see IU return to a run like that.  On my dorm floor were 4 or 5 football players, they ranged from guys with full scholarships to walk-ons.  I was friends with them, I saw how hard these guys worked, how tired they were and how much they gave to the football program.  I went to the ER with one of them when they got their bell rung with a Grade A concussion.

So IU, let’s do the right thing.  Let’s put our student athletes first and let them know we value them playing the sports we love but more than that we value their health.

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