In this day and age longevity on a job isn’t guaranteed, people are always moving companies and roles within companies.  I think first impressions are so important no matter what stage somewhat is at in their career when they come to join on our team.  Do we look actively look for opportunities to take new people under our wing or lend them a helping hand?

Wayne Gretzky talks about when he first arrived in Edmonton.  “The next morning, the head coach, Glen Sather, called me into his office and told me I could live with him until I got settled.  I thought that was very nice and I accepted.  I stayed about three weeks”.  Under Sather’s leadership he guided the Oilers to 5 Stanley Cup Finals Appearances, winning 4 of them while Gretzky played in Edmonton.  Excerpt from Gretzky : An Autobigraphy

I’m not saying it turned out bad for Michael Jordan but in stark contrast to that was his arrival in Chicago.  Melissa Isaacson did a great job of telling the story on ESPN so I will paraphrase.  Basically when Jordan arrived at O’hare there was no one there to meet him, no one.  If it hadn’t been for a limo driver named George Koehler whose original ride didn’t show up MJ probably would have cabbed it in to the city.  Not much of a welcome from the Bulls for the 3rd pick in the draft and someone who had just won an Olympic Gold Medal.  Maybe the Bears aren’t the only organization in town who throw nickels around like manhole covers.

Maybe we’re not going to invite everyone to live with us for three weeks like Sather did but I’m sure we can probably all treat new team members better than we do.

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