I really hope the next two years will prove me wrong, sadly I’m afraid it won’t.  There’s a proverb that says “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.”  I reference that in regards to the recent rehiring of Bruce Arena as coach of the USMNT.

Maybe Mr. Gulati’s plan is to go “Back to the Future”.  I was a Klinsmann fan, I liked having someone at the helm who had won a World Cup and managed a side to 3rd place at a World Cup.  To me, it seems like that should be the standard, people who have been to the Mountain top that we all want to get to and know what it takes to make that climb.

Klinsmann was heavily criticized for not moving US Soccer forward so if that is the goal shouldn’t we continue along that same vein?  Arena seems like he was an easy choice and a safe name that everyone is familiar with.  There’s always an easy way and a right way.  Most companies usually don’t hire back employees that they have let go?

Bruce Arena was a safe choice but does that make him the best coach available?  Did Mr. Gulati scout all the coaches and assistants in Europe?  Nobody he could pry loose from overseas?  Is there no one in America other than Bruce Arena capable of coaching the Men’s team at this juncture?

It seems like we are taking a step backwards when we should be moving forward.  I truly, truly, hope I am wrong in my assessment of the coaching hire.

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