Was justice finally served, the Ryan brothers deposed in one day.  Will they take the hint and move on to new careers?  Sadly, probably not.  I write this with all respect to their father Buddy Ryan, I was a teenager during the run of the 85 Bears.  I can still name the starting 11 on defense for that year.

I like bravado; it doesn’t bother me when Aaron Rodgers says we need to “run the table” or Mark Messier guarantees a victory.  One of my problems with Rex Ryan is he never backs up what he says.  I like pranksters, I’m a prankster myself, I love practical jokes.  That being said if I’m the head coach of an NFL team I might wait until I have an NFL title under my belt as a head coach before I start crank calling guys from a Superdowl winning team.  Ask Kirk Gibson, pulling pranks didn’t go over too well with him and he propelled the Dodgers to a World Series.

Rex and Rob, I wish you the best.  Rex, take a year off, become a TV analyst work under someone else for a year.  Maybe you weren’t destined to be a head coach.  I think your Father’s great but I don’t think head coaching was his cup of tea either.  For all of the NFL owners reading this blog, do Rex and yourself a favor, don’t hire him, especially if you are the owner of the Bears!

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