John Wooden would be turning in his grave right now about the Wake Forest playbook scandal.  One of the things I loved about John Wooden was that he didn’t  even scout opposing teams.  He always believed that if his teams played to the utmost of their ability that was all he could ask of them.  I couldn’t even imagine him wanting to look at another team’s playbook.

One of the first questions if this is true are Louisville and Clemson in such bad shape that they needed Wake’s playbook to help beat them?  Really?  Do you call in Navy Seals to beat up kids in the neighborhood?  In this day and age, sportsmanship or lack of it shouldn’t surprise any of us.  Coaches may be chastised and fired and derided publicly, but I would imagine boosters and AD’s are probably thinking how did that idiot coach of ours get caught?

Pete Carroll seems to have had a smoking gun in his hand when he left USC but it doesn’t seem to have hurt his brand.  He returned USC to the “glory days” and put Seattle on the map and how he got there doesn’t seem to be in question.  Bill Belichick will always have questions swirling around him about New England’s Superbowl victories, yet it seems likely he will go down as one of the best NFL coaches ever.

All I know is this, John Wooden will never have an asterisk next to his name.

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