All of my guests are extraordinary but I am so happy to have Loren Michaels Harris as my guest on Why Can’t You? this week!  Loren not only has an incredible story but it is also the way in which he tells it.  He has an amazing and rare gift for inspiring others and helping them find the truth within themselves.  Listen in as we take a journey through Loren’s incredible life.  I met Loren through a mutual friend, Avril Jones, and am grateful for that meeting.  Loren strives to motivate, inspire, and uplift every person that crosses his path. He shows those that want to know that while life is full of challenges, it is our challenges that provide opportunity. Loren loves his Creator, books, music, and all things of beauty. In addition to his upcoming album, as a former foster child, Loren is embarking on a speaking tour in 2018 to give hope to those who are desperate to break through the various “glass ceilings” of their lives. Loren has been heard on Larry King Live and NPR Radio, featured in PEOPLE Magazine, and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox.



Twitter: @Lorenlistens2U

Instagram: @lorenmichaelsharris

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