I am more than honored to have on Marc Reklau as this week’s podcast guest.  I He is truly a Why Can’t You? story.  After years of taking personal development courses after an unexpected life change a few years back he decided to implement everything he had learned.  Lo and behold it changed his life and led to the fulfillment of his dreams.  Marc has authored numerous books along with the #1 Bestseller, “30 Days – Change your habits, change your life”.  I also love Marc’s energy, he is high-octane from the word go!  Marc thank you for being you and sharing your gifts and passion.

Marc Reklau:  https://www.marcreklau.com/

Thanks as always to Ines Piquet, from, Ines Piquet Images for being the exclusive sponsor of Why Can’t You?  https://www.inespiquet.com/

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