Mitchell Levy, Tedx speaker and that AHA Guy is my guest this week as Why Can’t You celebrates the publishing of it’s 50th podcast!   I just want to thank all the listeners and everyone who has been a guest on Why Can’t You?   A huge thank you to all my listeners who tell me they get inspired and learned new things that makes it all worthwhile to me.  And a big shout out to all my guests who take time out of their busy lives to all my guests to share their stories and bare their souls to inspire others in the pursuit of their dreams.

Mitchell is my guest this week and among many other things Mitchell is known as the AHA guy and helps people and corporations create compelling content that establishes them as experts or thought leaders in their field.  Mitchell is a sought after speaker and problem solver who loves working with entrepreneurs.  In his career Mitchell has coached over 500 CEO’s, listen in as he shares the insight that helped these CEO’s as well as lots of nuggets from his own personal journey!


Twitter: @Happyabout

If you like Mitchell’s podcast I would recommend you listed to the one I did with Kelly Roach as well:


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