Happy Friday and Memorial Day Weekend to all.  My Why Can’t You? podcast guest this week is Quentin McCain.  Quentin works with entrepreneurs, high-achievers, and organizations that want to maximize performance by breaking through mental barriers to success. Success begins in the mind and often stops there as well. Quentin McCain is a Master Mindset Coach and International Speaker who knows that ultimate success cannot happen until we learn how to master our minds so our minds don’t master us.

Quentin is the co-author of “Think On These Things”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller and knows what it takes to unlock innovation and build outrageous confidence. He utilizes his personal experiences and the proven principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming taught by business masters such as Tony Robbins. Quentin teaches entrepreneurs, sales people, customer service representatives, and C-level executives how to reprogram their thinking and self-talk to re-engage the mission, renew passion for their work, and reinvigorate innovation to achieve greater success. Quentin is also passionate about using these NLP principles with burn and trauma related staff and survivors.

Enjoy and have a safe weekend!


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