Ryan Hayashi is my Why Can’t You? podcast guest today!  Ryan is a modern day Samurai, a motivational speaker and a show-stopping magician.  Ryan is a World Champion in Martial Arts Weapons and has appeared on multiple TV shows including “Britain’s Got Talent” and “Das Supertalent” in Germany.  In 2018 he fooled Penn & Teller on “FOOL US”.   Ryan talks about his inspirations and what continually drives him to be the best and not settle.  As if that isn’t enough he also does motivational speaking!  If you are sitting at home and thinking, Why Can’t I?  You can!  Listen in as he shares his remarkable journey!


Ryan’s web site: http://www.hayashi-samurai.com/hayashi.html

Link to Ryan on Fool Us with Penn & Teller  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLuZA_ow79E

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