One of my theories of sports  or any kind of leadership is called Top-Down.  I did not invent this name this nor do I believe we can’t learn from the people in not so called leadership roles.  As we begin 2017 I just want to start out with some inspirational quotes to help each one of us shoot higher than we previously imagined.

I do believe that what you expect and demand from yourself and your teammates in life is directly proportional to the results you get.  Andy Murray, former coach of the Los Angles Kings was asked before the 2002 -2003 season how he expected his team to do that year.  He replied ‘I expect to go 82-0 and win the Stanley Cup.”    Yeahhhh that’s my kind of coach.  And while they didn’t win the Stanley Cup those goals much better than a generic goal of, well I hope we make the playoffs this year.  This world was shaped by people with unreasonable thoughts and expectations, look at Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin.  They were continually thinking outside the box, if they weren’t we might still be using candles.

The great Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton talks about when Mike Ditka first came to the Bears as coach in 1982.  Ditka said “That we’re going to win the Superbowl,” everyone just looked around and said “Year right.”  But you could tell me meant it and he said “You can come along for the ride or you can get off either way we’re still going.”  And as we all know 4 years later the Bears dominated on their way to a Superbowl victory.

Phil Jackson talks about when he first took over the coaching reigns of the Chicago Bulls “My first goal was to formulate a vision for the team.  I started by creating a lofty picture in my mind of what the team would become.”   The Bulls didn’t arrive overnight but when they arrived they certainly stayed for a long time.

Whatever you believe in life is true.  If you think you’re a bum you are, if you see yourself as a kind generous-person you are.  However you see yourself of your team succeeding or not succeeding are exactly the results you’re going to get.

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