Friday is here!!!  Tamara and Greyson Brewer are my Why Can’t You? podcast guests this week.  Tamara is Greyson’s Mother, a U.S. Army Veteran and an overcomer of PTSD.  Greyson is her amazing son who dealt with his Mom going overseas at a very young age and coming back not the same person that he remembered.  Tamara shares her incredible story of how she served her country was injured more than physically and how she coped with returning home and to her family.  We touch on the trials and tribulations that all service members go through and how it effects so many people and how the struggle doesn’t end once they are home.  Her son Greyson shares about his mother going to war at a young age, how he learned from that and has now channeled all his energy into being a chef.   I was introduced do them by Celebrity Chef, Bryan David Scott who is very humble about all the work he does for veterans.  He met Greyson and has started mentoring him on a weekly basis.  My hat is off to all Veterans, their families and the people who do so much for them like Chef Bryan-David Scott.  Please listen in as I am so proud to share their amazing story.

Greyson’s Facebook Page

Tamara’s Facebook Page

Chef-Bryan David Scott

If you like the interview with Tamara and Greyson you will love the one with Chef BDS

Chef Bryan David Scott

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