Bradshaw speaks from a good place, not many people have won 4 Superbowl Titles as a QB, very impressive.  I also agree with him that the word “great” can sometimes be thrown around too easily.  That being said if I am doing my math correctly there have been 50 Super Bowls played to date.  And if I further counted correctly there have only been 31 coaches that have coached an NFL team to a Superbowl Title.

In my humble opinion and it is just that to be one of only 31 coaches who has led a team to a Superbowl Title puts you pretty close to “being” great.  One question I could not do the math on was how many hundreds if not thousands of NFL coaches there have been over the last 50 years.  Let’s call it a 1000 for nice round numbers, that means the chance of you winning a Superbowl as a coach are 3.1%.  So either Tomlin is very lucky and should probably play the lottery more often or he might just be a darn good coach.  Although winning a Supwerbowl as a coach does not define you as being great either.   Case in point, Barry Switzer.  I would not throw in Barry Switzer as a great NFL coach even though he won a Superbowl.  Topic for a different day.

I loved Mike Tomlin’s response and how we took the high road and can let his track record speaks for itself.  Mike is still very young and you never know he could coach the Steelers to 3 more Superbowl victories and still be considered one of the greats.

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