Talk about follow through….

First of all congratulations to Tom Brady and the Patriots for great persistence, determination and never giving up, great lessons to be learned there.

In ’82-83, the Great One (Wayne Gretzky) finished with 71 goals, 125 assists and 196 points, leading the league by a significant margin in all three categories en route to his third consecutive Art Ross Trophy and his fourth straight Hart Trophy.

In the Stanley Cup Finals that year Gretzky’s Edmonton Oilers got swept out of the Stanley Cup Finals by the reigning three time defending champions the New York Islanders.

“We walked by their locker room in the corridor and saw after they won they were too beat up to really enjoy it and savor the victory at that moment,” said Gretzky. “We were able to walk out of their pretty much scot free. We had so much respect for the Islanders players and the Islanders teams that we learned immediately you have to take it to another level in order to win a Stanley Cup. And that’s what we did. We learned from it and often credit for the Islanders players and Islanders teams for teaching us exactly what it’s all about and how hard it is to win.”

I think this could be the same wake-up call for the Atlanta Falcons.  Although I’m sure the Patriots did a great job of celebrating their victory you can rest assured they got back to the locker room and ice packs and therapeutic wraps came out just like they did for the Islanders.  I had commented to my fiancé earlier in the day that not only did the Patriots have the will to win – they knew how to win.

Remember when the Patriots showed up at Super Bowl XLII with an 18-0 record and they were being billed as the greatest team in NFL history.  That one ended in a painful loss, what do you think losing that game taught the Brady and the Patriots?

The Oilers learned to win from the Islanders, they learned showing up and breaking individual and team records is not enough to lift the cup.  I feel bad for Atlanta but like the young Oilers I hope they will take a couple days to reflect and then bounce back by winning it all like the Oilers did the next year.

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