Ahhhh how the world has changed in 30 years.  It used to be a huge deal you’re your college or University to be selected to a bowl and to get to go to one.  Of course I went to Indiana University where we weren’t exactly know for producing top quality NFL Draft picks.  Not that we haven’t had a few over the years.  I lived on a dorm floor with several football players, some were scholarship and some were walk-ons.  Trust me they were excited when IU went to the Peach Bowl and the All-American Bowl.  It was a reward for a season of hard work.  It was a week in presumably a warmer place, great meals, nice hotels, SWAG and per diems.   These players went on to be attorneys, plant managers, plumbers and insurance salesman not one that I knew ever got a shot at the pros.  For a football program that floundered for years making it to a bowl game, any bowl game was a big deal back in the early 80’s early 90’s.

Currently I am a small business owner and aside from making a profit I would say my number two goal is mitigating risk.   In that context I admire these players for looking our for their futures and taking the steps necessary to make sure they extend their career as long as possible.  Trust me if they get injured the University they play for isn’t setting up them up with a retirement plan for the next 20 years.  I also doubt Lloyds of London offers $20 Million policies for an injury in a bowl game.  For a career that offers a shelf life of 3.3 to 6 years depending on whose stats you believe I agree with Jerry McGuire.   Whether a player suffers a career ending injury in college or the pros they are going to require beat up.  Those are city miles they get in the NFL, not highway.

I admire these young men for making the decisions that they have.  I’m sure many people are disappointed, they will all get over it and hopefully if we truly care about our schools and our athletics we care about the health of the athletes that we love watching.

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