Want to make your ship go faster no matter what your industry?  Travis Chappell is my Why Can’t You? podcast guest this week and will show you how it is done!   Travis is the host of the highly rated Build Your Network podcast and has taken networking to the next level.

What I love in this conversation with Travis is his honesty. In his “no-holds barred” style he tells you what it took to build his network in this day and age. Not what worked 5, years ago or 10 but what works today. He and I talk about the struggles of podcasting, finding guests to growing your reach and everything in between. If you haven’t been thinking about a mastermind group you might consider it after you hear our talk. Think about it this way if you are a member of a BNI group or a chamber group you are already paying to be a member of a mastermind group. This podcast will make you think about taking it to the next level. Can’t wait for Friday!


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