Don’t believe your own press….

Wow, what a volleyball match last night between the USA and Brazil.  I don’t believe in jinxes or anything like that but I don’t think Kerri- Walsh Jennings wasn’t helped by the NBC Press coverage of her quest for Gold.   Multiple times through her matches and...

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Unquenchable Fire

Nobody cheers louder than I did when Michael Phelps and Team USA won their Olympic Gold on Sunday night.  I do get just as excited though for our athletes or any athletes that don’t take home a medal either. I am speaking about Mara Abbott and Gabby Douglas (and I do...

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Are sports a beauty contest?

I had the best coach for soccer my sophomore year in high school, a gentleman named Mr. Fuller.   He was a Vietnam vet and a California state wrestling champion, to put it mildly let’s just say he was a no-nonsense type of guy.   One of his favorite epitaphs...

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