Team Bonding, the right way and the wrong way.

In this VLOG I mesh sports and business together and give some examples of not so great bonding ideas and some ideas of some that worked out a little better.  If you are a leader please let me know your comments on what you do to help your team bond....

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Are we Power Tripping? The Vlog!

In this vlog I take a look at very successful people who took an unorthodox approach to how they deal with teammates and co-workers. The people I vlog about are not power-tripping.  I take a look at Walter Payton and Richard Branson and how they exemplify great...

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WOTC??? What the heck is that?

Thanks to my friend Rick Reding, I was turned on to learning more about WOTC or the Work Opportunity Tax Credit offered by the Department of Labor for certain hiring practices.  I wanted to share a little bit about that with you in this VLOG!...

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Remember Your First Day on the Job?

A year after purchasing my first business I take a hopefully somewhat comedic perspective on my first day and year as a new business owner.  I would love to hear from other entrepreneurs about their first days on the job.

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