VLOG #4 Show Me the Money!

This is my 4th vlog for people thinking of purchasing a small business.  This vlog focuses on what you want to look for financially, and what documents you should request before making a decision on the financial side of a new business. https://youtu.be/08VD0_We_3c...

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The one Person you must hire!

This is my 3rd VLOG for new business owners.  No matter if you do a start-up or buy a pre-existing business, franchise or not you must hire this one person! https://youtu.be/C61W5DUX-2E

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To Franchise or Not to Franchise

This is my 2nd VLOG for entrepreneurs thinking of purchasing a first time business.  This vlog looks at whether franchising is a good option for you or not.  Please email me your thoughts and comments; have you purchased a franchise or are you thinking about buying...

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VLOG for 1st Time Business Owners

I am a 1st time small business owner and this vlog is designed to answer questions for anyone who is thinking about purchasing a pre-existing business or going into a start-up.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMLOLdNgciU&feature=youtu.be&a

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David Knows Survivor

This is my recent Survivor audition tape. I tried to do a riff on the old Nike "Bo Knows" commercial. Let me know if you think I have what it takes to be on Survivor. https://youtu.be/LAI1W-f978Y

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