Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw speaks from a good place, not many people have won 4 Superbowl Titles as a QB, very impressive.  I also agree with him that the word “great” can sometimes be thrown around too easily.  That being said if I am doing my math correctly there have been 50 Super...

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Is the Circus finally over?

Was justice finally served, the Ryan brothers deposed in one day.  Will they take the hint and move on to new careers?  Sadly, probably not.  I write this with all respect to their father Buddy Ryan, I was a teenager during the run of the 85 Bears.  I can still name...

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To play or not to play?

Ahhhh how the world has changed in 30 years.  It used to be a huge deal you’re your college or University to be selected to a bowl and to get to go to one.  Of course I went to Indiana University where we weren’t exactly know for producing top quality NFL Draft...

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Was it worth it?

I’ve been reading a great book lately by two former Navy Seals called “Extreme Ownership.”  It’s a tremendous read incorporating lessons learned from battlefield scenarios into everyday business life and challenges.  It seems like Bob Stoops would be on the other end...

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Is there no honor?

John Wooden would be turning in his grave right now about the Wake Forest playbook scandal.  One of the things I loved about John Wooden was that he didn’t  even scout opposing teams.  He always believed that if his teams played to the utmost of their ability that was...

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