I’ve been reading a great book lately by two former Navy Seals called “Extreme Ownership.”  It’s a tremendous read incorporating lessons learned from battlefield scenarios into everyday business life and challenges.  It seems like Bob Stoops would be on the other end of extreme ownership or leadership for that matter.

Let’s stop exalting people who don’t stand up for those that are being hurt.  I understand he has a good gig, making over $2 Million a year for coaching a game and he’s afraid to lose it.  Shouldn’t he be more afraid not to do the right thing?  The great thing about American society is that we are so forgiving, if a public figure makes a mistake and owns up to it, we love them.  When they skirt the issue or brush it under the table we crucify them and think they are the scum of the earth.  Did Bob Stoops not learn anything himself from the Ray Rice incident?  The funny thing is no one seems to learn this lesson and we just watch it happen over and over again like a bad TV rerun.

In theory and I say that loosely if the point of going to college for student athletes isn’t to graduate with a degree hopefully they at least learn something along the way.  Had Bob wanted to teach Joe Mixon anything you would think it would be more than a years suspension.  What did that teach him?  I can hit a woman and I get to stay in school, workout, eat free meals and become a better and more mature athlete than I was if this incident had never happened.  Wow, those sound like heavy repercussions to me, whew.

Bob Stoops thank you for confirming what we knew about you.  You might be able to diagram some X’s and O’s and motivate some people but you are not a leader.  Leaders stand up for the right thing even when it is not the popular thing.

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