How often does one network hand everyone else a gift like @ESPN just did? If I am @ABCnetwork, @NBCsports, @CBSsports or Foxsports I am sending the executives at ESPN luggage at Christmastime. How often in the real world does a huge experienced talent pool become available overnight? If I was a recruiter for any of those companies I would be licking my chops.

I think what ESPN is not counting on is that sports is not all that different from sales. There’s an old adage in sales that people buy from people they know. It’s the same way with sports personalities. These are the people we welcome into our living room night after nights, they might not be our personal friends but we are comfortable with them and they are familiar to us. ESPN said they wanted to go more digital. I’m not even sure what that means. All I know is that for me in this day of “going digital” the more I crave human connection and interaction either in the workplace or in my recreation time.

Years ago I used to work with a great bar manager named, Tiny. One day a young guy came in and asked Tiny if he was hiring. Tiny replied “I’m not hiring but I’m always looking for talent.” If you are any other sports broadcasting company right now that should be your motto. You might not need anyone right now but this is the perfect opportunity to add some depth to your bench. If I’m a local Dallas station I might be giving Ed Werder @EdwerderRFA a call just to say hi.

If I was Fox, I would have given Trent Dilfer @dilfersdime a look before @jaycutler6. Jay wasn’t exactly Mr. Personality on or off the field what makes them think that will translate to a skill set and or popularity with the viewing public. Trent has tons of experience and a fan base. All the broadcasters that ESPN let go have built up equity with the viewing public. It’s time for the other networks to reload and use that equity to their advantage.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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