What makes a great coach or leader?

The great Dallas Cowboys coach, Tom Landry, was asked what the description of a coach is?  To me he gave one of the greatest answers aver.

“To get people to do what they don’t want to do in order to achieve what they want to achieve”.

Truer words never spoken, the answer is applicable to sports as well as business.  I’m sure every NFL athlete dreams of winning the Super Bowl, but is every athlete willing to pay the price to achieve that goal?  The same in business, no one goes into a new organization saying I want to be a mediocre sales agent, you want to be the best and it helps to have a great leader help show you the way to get there.

Shannon Sharpe talked about his two time Super Bowl winning coach, Mike Shanahan, in the book Think Like a Champion. 

“It’s kind of a trickle-down effect.  If you see your top dog, your CEO, your president go that extra mile, more times than not your employees are going to be willing to go that extra mile for you.  That’s what he’s convinced us about.  He’s the best and because of that we’re the best”.

Phil Jackson talks about when he first took over the coaching reigns of the Chicago Bulls.

“My first goal was to formulate a vision for the team.  I started by creating a lofty picture in my mind of what the team would become”.

Do we have a vision for our team and are we willing to help others do what they don’t want to do in order to achieve it? sedona

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